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Together we build the future

About Us

Kumi Konstruksion has been operating in the construction sector since 2009 and stands out for the implementation of high-quality and unique projects.

We employ cutting-edge technology and adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure that every project we undertake is built to last.

Our Projects

All our projects combine the most modern architectural aesthetics, the best quality materials with non-negotiable safety standards, creating functional buildings with the highest technology, which meet the expectations of any age group, family, business, or individual.

East Side Residence

East Side Residence has been conceived as a unique living residence by Kumi Konstruksion, designed to lie in a green area between the tranquility of nature and fresh air, in the eastern hills of Tirana. At East Side Residence you will experience a new way of life, between the peace of nature and modernism, in spaces that guarantee well-being in every aspect, both in the present and in the future.

Villas & Apartments

East Side Residence sets a new standard in upscale living with its exquisite villas and apartments. Our commitment to quality and unique architecture is evident in every detail. Each villa and apartment is a masterpiece, thoughtfully designed to harmonize luxury with functionality. From the elegant, timeless lines of our villas to the modern, innovative designs of our apartments, East Side Residence redefines comfort and style.

Our Services



 Site Management

Special projects

Infrastructure construction

Civil Engineering

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